Calling all Book Bloggers … 

Hello! This is a call to all book bloggers out there who many be interested in reviewing my debut novel, Painting Sage. This is a story about a family dealing with a daughter’s mental illness, with an emphasis on the family and aftermath of a recent suicide attempt. This is not a story about a child’s descent into madness, but rather a family’s (struggling) ascent into wellness. It should be noted that I’m currently working on the sequel. 

The Amazon description reads as follows:

She almost didn’t make it. 

Fifteen-year-old Sage was close to death, and now she’s been confined to a rehab facility deep in the Connecticut woods, as far from her old life as she could have imagined. But the problems she faces have come with her—and now her mother, Julia, must decide what to do next. As Sage begins treatment for bipolar disorder, Julia continues an exhausting internal debate about how they reached such a low point. The increasing unreliability of Sage’s father, Mike, hasn’t helped either. Sage can tell his focus is elsewhere. 

A profound tale of what it means to live with mental illness, Painting Sage illustrates the whole person behind the struggle. Sage’s challenges will continue—and she must learn how to build a life she loves in spite of them.

I am looking for book bloggers who are interested in reading and providing honest, critical feedback (and possibly even post reviews on your blog and other sites). If you this peaks your interest, contact me!

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